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XRP Spikes Above $1, Adding 8 Percent Today

As the crypto market is rallying, the sixth largest cryptocurrency, Ripple-affiliated XRP, has demonstrated a rise by around 8 percent today, printing two massive green candles in the past hour. Over the past week, XRP has grown by more than thirteen percent.

The XRP coin has surged from the $0.9580 level to the $1.03 price mark on the Binance exchange against USDT, as the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin has added ten percent, soaring to nearly $48,000 from the $44,900 level.

However, this is still 28 percent lower than XRP’s high of $1.41 reached on September 6 and 48 percent lower than the peak of $1.97 seen my the XRP community on April 14, when Bitcoin hit is new and latest all-time high of $64,800.

Founder and CEO of DigitalGen Financial Services, Panos Mekras, has tweeted that he has never been so bullish on XRP and XRPL than now.

Among the reasons for that, he named massive development activity, a gigantic amount of projects being created on XRPL, lots of new features and new uses cases.

I am more bullish on $XRP and the #XRPL than ever before. What we have been waiting for all these years is finally coming to fruition. Huge development activity, hundrends of projects building on XRPL, many different & amazing use cases, new features. And it’s only the beginning.

— Panos (@panosmek) October 1, 2021



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