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Voyager Digital: Investor confidence in cryptocurrency future is up from 81% to 96% in Q3

Voyager Digital’s Retail Investor Sentiment Survey for Q3 2021 reflects increasingly positive investor sentiment towards crypto assets. This finding is surprising as the quarter has seen heightened watchdog scrutiny around the digital asset industry and Bitcoin (BTC/USD) still hasn’t reached its peak value in April.

Almost 90% of investors to increase their crypto holdings in next quarter

96% of investors express higher confidence in the future of crypto, up from 81% in Q2 2021. 89% of investors will increase their Bitcoin or crypto holdings in Q4. 85% of survey participants said Bitcoin was having a bull run. In Q4, bullish sentiment for the price of the crypto with the biggest market cap has risen from 7 to 8 out of 10 compared to last quarter’s survey (10 being the most bullish).

80% of investors feel Bitcoin will pass $56,000 by the end of the year. Half as many predict the price will exceed $71,000. Perhaps most surprisingly, almost half (48%) see equities and real estate as worse stores of value than Bitcoin.

Cardano attracts the majority of bullish sentiment

Investors are most bullish on Cardano (ADA/USD) with 40%, followed by Ethereum (ETH/USD) with 16%. Voyager’s own token, VGX, comes in third with 10%.

Steve Ehrlich, CEO of Voyager commented the findings:

“On almost every metric we measure in our sentiment survey, crypto-asset investors are more bullish about the quarter that lies ahead, than they were three months ago. As our user base continues to grow and digital asset adoption increases, our survey results suggest that a greater number of investors see Bitcoin as a better store of value compared to more traditional asset classes such as stocks, real estate, and government bonds. This is significant when you consider that over a fifth (22%) of respondents have been investing in crypto for over 2 years. You could argue that these investors are now ‘all-in’ on crypto and will probably never think twice about having exposure to traditional asset classes ever again.”  

The survey questioned 1,171 traders selected based on their high activity on the Voyager platform. The number of trades they execute per month ranges from 50 to 100.



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