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US Rapper Soulja Boy Considers Launching Souljacoin Crypto Token, Is He Serious?

Modern US-based music artist DeAndre Cortez Way better known in the professional circles as Soulja Boy has taken to Twitter to ask for help in the creation of “Souljacoin crypto token”.

Soulja Boy wants to launch a crypto token but it already exists

According to his latest tweet, the popular music artist Souljaboy is considering making a cryptocurrency that would bear his name in the title – Souljacoin. “It’s time” to launch it, he specifies.

Some Twitter users have offered their help, one of them from a platform that launches meme-coins.

However, Ouriel Ohayon, CEO of KZen Networks that produces the ZenGo crypto wallet, has pointed out that this coin already exists and it is worth more than $4,000.

Ohayon shared a link to the BitClout platform for digital music artists. It seems to strive to attract celebrities from the music sphere (and not only from it), sets up an account for them and launched their personal crypto called a “Creator Coin” which circulates on this website and is more like an NFT.

Elon Musk “Creator Coin” is worth $50,034

Holders of this coin may hope to receive some sort of “worth” from these celebrities, like “music or tickets earlier than they’re launched, or receiving free restricted version merchandise”. This is what makes these coins valuable.

Soulja Boy’s token on the BitClout website is worth $4,073.63.

However, there is also an account reserved for Elon Musk (which he has likely never heard of) and his Creator Coin costs like Bitcoin a few months ago – $50,034.



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