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Tattoos as NFTs: Machine Paves Way for Artist Royalties – Here’s How it Works

Supported by renowned artists, the US firm Blackdot has unveiled a device that creates tattoos linked to the blockchain, which clients also possess as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This setup allows artists to reap royalties on future resales.

The Blackdot website proclaims, “Welcome to the Tattoo Revolution,” highlighting their unique approach that merges art and science for an immersive experience.

The introduction by Blackdot defies traditional boundaries in the tattoo world, the company notes.

According to their press statement, Blackdot has pioneered the “world’s first fully automated, scalable tattooing platform.”

The company elaborated on their process, stating:

“Tattoo designs are housed in a secure cloud, accessible at any Blackdot Studio. By leveraging blockchain technology, the company can monitor the implementation of each tattoo.”

Whenever an artist’s creation is utilized, they receive a royalty payment.

Additionally, the studio has launched the Blockdot Gallery, which serves as a marketplace for digitally designed tattoos that are then physically applied.

Consequently, the company will introduce Tradable Tattoos: these are limited-edition ink designs that clients can wear, exchange, or gift to others. They stand out as unique, minted digital collectibles.

The company emphasized,

“Artists partnering with Blackdot have the privilege to dictate the availability of their creations. This facilitates the possibility of launching limited edition series and even unique, singular designs.”

Some of the industry’s most celebrated artists are backing Blackdot by providing exclusive designs for its debut.

At its inception, Blackdot is presenting bespoke tattoos crafted by its inaugural Blackdot Certified Artist (BCA) – the distinguished digital artist, Tyler Hobbs.

Additionally, the lineup features limited edition collections by the renowned Turkish tattoo artist Omer Tunca and select artwork from John Craig. Craig is the visionary artist responsible for the iconic cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ album “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.”

‘Heavy Appetite for Innovative Approach’

Blackdot’s novel device initially employs a series of discreet test dots to “understand” the unique skin traits of each client.

By comparing these dots with Blackdot’s comprehensive skin database, the device identifies the optimal settings, like the number of punctures and the depth of each puncture, tailored for the precise tattoo placement.

Blackdot has secured a patent for this innovative mapping and movement system.

Matthew Stephens, the mind behind the online art gallery and community, DeviantArt, provided remarks on this, stating.

Matthew Stephens remarked, “While traditional tattooing will undoubtedly remain a staple, there’s a growing demand for this avant-garde method. It not only complements the age-old practice but also brings substantial benefits to tattoo artists and creatives globally.”

Currently operational in Austin, Blackdot has its sights set on expansion, targeting cities like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and other prominent US locations, with plans to reach international shores.

As per Crunchbase records, Blackdot garnered a $4.5 million investment in May 2021 from FusionX Ventures. Additionally, in March 2020, they received funding from both FusionX Ventures and Tech Coast Angels, the exact amount of which remains undisclosed.

The company’s press release also highlighted that they are now welcoming investment applications from both angel and institutional investors.

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