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US Department of Justice Takes Action Against $2.3 Million ‘Pig Butchering’ Scam

The U.S. Department of Justice has taken legal action to confiscate $2.3 million in cryptocurrency, which is linked to an intricate “pig butchering” scam. As outlined in the official statement...
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YouTuber KSI Accused of Pump-and-Dumps + More NFT News

In today’s top NFT updates on February 15, 2024: ZachXBT and Coffeezilla level allegations against KSI regarding pump-and-dump schemes, Pandora’s sales volume for the month surpasses Ordinals by almost twofold,...
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Denver Pastor Accused of Crypto Fraud Spotted Preaching in Zambia After Missing Court Date

Denver-based Pastor Eli Regalado, who is facing allegations of masterminding a $3.2 million cryptocurrency scam, has been spotted preaching in Zambia despite failing to attend a mandatory court hearing in...
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Scammers Banked $59 Million in Crypto Exploiting Google Ads

Over the past nine months, scammers have exploited a wallet-draining service called “MS Drainer” to siphon approximately $59 million worth of cryptocurrency from numerous victims, as reported by blockchain security...
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The Collision of AI and Crypto Attracts Scammers – What’s Going On?

Kathleen Breitman, co-founder of the Tezos blockchain, has raised a warning about a new wave of scams that combines the hype of artificial intelligence (AI) with the cryptocurrency industry. In...
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Infamous Hacker Denis Katana Linked to Bitcoin Money Laundering for Russian Crime Ring

A Spanish judge has connected the infamous hacker Denis Tokarenko, also known by his alias Denis Katana, with a Russian crime syndicate that allegedly laundered money using Bitcoin (BTC). El...
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Philippine National Police Warns Citizens On Axie Infinity’s Play-to-Earn Model, Cites Security Concerns

The Philippine police have expressed concerns over blockchain gaming, suggesting it could be even riskier than cryptocurrency investments if exploited by malevolent individuals. The Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP...
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Calgarians Lost $22.5 Million in 340 Reported Crypto Scams This Year, City Police Warns

Residents of Calgary, a city in Canada, have reportedly been swindled in 340 cryptocurrency scams this year, incurring losses exceeding $22.5 million, according to a recent report. On Monday, the...
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Crypto Scammer Gets Away with $1.2M in ARB Tokens Through ‘Address Poisoning’ Attack – Here’s What Happened

A cybercriminal has successfully pilfered $1.2 million in ARB tokens, utilizing an emerging form of cyberattack that manipulates wallet addresses to misappropriate assets. According to blockchain records, a single cryptocurrency...
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Local US Bank Shut Down after CEO Lost Millions in Crypto Scam

Heartland Tri-State Bank in Elkhart, Kansas, had to close its doors after its CEO, Shan Hanes, was duped out of millions in a cryptocurrency fraud. The situation came to light...
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