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Memecoin Sector Surges 84% in Past Week, Outperforming Red-Hot AI Tokens

Amidst a buoyant crypto market, the memecoin sector has surged to prominence, surpassing even the fervor surrounding AI tokens. Anticipated frontrunners in industry sectors like Layer 2s, pivotal for scaling...
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Solana Or Ethereum? Compare The Best Meme Coins To Buy On Both Chains

Crypto traders seeking quick profits are on the hunt for top meme coins to purchase, yet they encounter a quandary: should they opt for meme coins on the Solana (SOL)...
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Cryptocurrency Trader Turns $310 Into $5 Million in 3 Months – Here’s How

According to data shared by the on-chain smart money investigator X, a cryptocurrency trader managed to transform an initial investment of $310 into an astounding $5 million within just three...
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Traders Predict This Coin Can 25x By The End Of 2024

A fresh meme token named Frogwifhat ($FWIF) is causing a stir within web3 communities, with traders foreseeing a potential 25x surge by the close of 2024. Amidst the frenzy surrounding...
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Avalanche Foundation Embraces Meme Coin Culture With $100 Million Fund (edited)

On January 23rd, the non-profit organization responsible for the Avalanche blockchain network made an announcement regarding the establishment of a $100 million fund intended to provide support for meme coins...
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Frenzy for 1,000x Gains Drives Surge in New Tokens on Solana

The Solana blockchain network has witnessed an extraordinary surge in new tokens this month, breaking previous records by a substantial margin. Solscan data reveals that over the past two weeks,...
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Binance to List Meme Coin BONK Under Seed Tag Section, Price Up 115% in 24 Hours

Following Coinbase, Binance has made an announcement to list the highly talked-about meme coin, BONK, under the seed tag section. Trading for this Solana-based meme coin is set to commence...
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Bart on Blockchain: The Simpsons Weaves NFTs into the Show Again

The long-running and iconic television show “The Simpsons” made a playful commentary on the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its latest annual Halloween special, known as “Treehouse of Horror.”...
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HayCoin Price Soars as Uniswap Creator Burns 99.99% of Test Coin Supply

HayCoin, a prototype cryptocurrency formulated by Uniswap’s founder, Hayden Adams, witnessed a remarkable value uptick after Adams made a decision to incinerate 99.99% of its total circulation. Currently, HayCoin’s market...
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“Blue-Chip” NFTs Have Been Struggling, But Here Are The Collections Bucking the Trends

Premier, or “Blue-chip,” NFTs have seen a downward trend over the past month, as highlighted by the crypto data analytics company, Nansen, in a series of tweets on Tuesday. Using...
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