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Hackers Mislead Rocket Pool X Users with Bogus Contract Breach Claims

In the last 24 hours, users who follow the Ethereum-based staking protocol Rocket Pool’s X account have been confronted with a perplexing situation. Hackers managed to gain control of the...
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Atomic Wallet Offers $1 Million Bug Bounty Amid Security Lawsuit

In the midst of an ongoing class-action lawsuit stemming from a $100-million hack in June, the developer of Atomic Wallet has initiated a $1-million bug bounty program with the aim...
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Inside Job: Security Engineer Behind Multi-Million Dollar Crypto Exploits

Shakeeb Ahmed, a seasoned security engineer affiliated with a global technology corporation, admitted to computer fraud on December 14, acknowledging his involvement in hacking two decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The announcement...
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Hackers Steal $3.2 Million Worth of Ethereum From Conic Finance DeFi Protocol

The DeFi platform Conic Finance has suffered losses totaling over $3.2 million in Ether (ETH) due to two separate hacking events in the recent past. The initial breach, which transpired...
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TrueUSD’s Client Data Exposed in Third-Party Security Breach

TrueUSD, a stablecoin issuer, recently suffered a security breach at the hands of a third-party, leading to the exposure of personal data belonging to some of its customers. Screenshots shared...
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Wintermute Loses $160 Million in Latest Hacking Blow to DeFi Sector

Crypto market maker Wintermute fell victim to a hacking assault, leading to a loss of approximately $160 million in its decentralized finance (DeFi) operations. The company’s CEO, Evgeny Gaevoy, disclosed...
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Research Firm Elliptic Links FTX Hack to Russian Attackers

A study conducted by blockchain analysis company Elliptic suggests possible connections between the FTX hacking episode from last November, leading to a loss of roughly $400 million, and cybercrime rings...
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Sturdy Finance DeFi Protocol Faces Exploit, Loses More Than $750,000

Sturdy Finance, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, has recently been a victim of an exploit. In an interesting turn of events, the team has pledged not to pursue any further...
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DeFi Platform EraLend on zkSync Loses $3.4 Million in Blockchain Exploit

EraLend, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, suffered a loss of $3.4 million in crypto due to a re-entrancy attack. This attack, which took place on Tuesday, leveraged a loophole that...
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Curve Finance Vulnerability Exposes $100M+ Worth of Crypto; CRV Token Plummets

A flaw in the widely-used decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, Curve Finance, has led to a significant loss of funds from several of the protocol’s liquidity pools, with an estimated $100...
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