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US Treasury Report: North Korea and Scammers Using DeFi to Launder Dirty Money – Regulation Incoming?

The US Treasury has disclosed that North Korean cybercriminals are taking advantage of gaps in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector to launder money and conceal illicit activities. In a report...
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DeFi Protocol Balancer Faces Another Security Breach After Being Exploited for $2M a Month Ago

Balancer, an Ethereum-centric decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has once again become the target of a security breach, with this being the second incident in a mere month. Upon discerning the...
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Elliptic Blockchain Surveillance Firm: North Korean Lazarus Group Theft Spree Reaches $240 Million in 104 Days

The notorious North Korean hacking collective, Lazarus, has reportedly pilfered close to $240 million in cryptocurrencies over a span of just 104 days. Elliptic, a blockchain tracking firm, released a...
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Ethereum Users Propose ERC 7265 to Thwart DeFi Hacks – How Does it Work?

Ethereum community members have introduced a new standard aimed at bolstering the security of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and curbing potential breaches. DeFi platforms have increasingly become targets, with hacks...
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Remitano Crypto Exchange Faces Possible Hack, $2.7 Million Withdrawn in Suspicious Transactions

On September 14, Remitano, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, encountered an unsettling incident when an anomalous withdrawal of roughly $2.7 million in digital assets occurred, sparking fears of a potential cyber...
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Report: Over $204 Million Lost to DeFi Hacks and Scams in Q2

A recent analysis by the cryptocurrency portfolio application, De.Fi, has shed light on the vulnerabilities within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Their findings indicate a staggering loss of over $204...
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Major Crypto Theft: $24 Million Drained from Ethereum Wallet in Phishing Scam

In a notable cryptocurrency theft, an individual reportedly lost a whopping $24 million in assets from their Ethereum wallet. This event, suspected to be a consequence of a phishing trick,...
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Balancer Protocol Exploited for $900k Despite Prior Vulnerability Alert

Balancer, a decentralized finance protocol, suffered an exploit leading to a loss of around $900,000 on Sunday. This incident came shortly after the discovery of a critical flaw impacting several...
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DeFi Lender Exactly Protocol Exploited For $12 Million

The Exactly Protocol, a decentralized crypto lending platform based on Optimism, fell victim to a bridge attack, resulting in a loss of about $12 million in ETH earlier today. De.Fi,...
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