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New ERC-7231 NFT Standard Enters The Space

CARV, an AI-powered gaming app and self-sovereign identity oracle, recently made headlines with the final approval of a groundbreaking ERC-7231 NFT standard, designed to represent identity-aggregated non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In...
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Standard Chartered Predicts Up To $45 Billion Inflows To Ethereum ETFs Within 1 Year

Standard Chartered, the British multinational bank, anticipates Ethereum (ETH) to surpass Bitcoin (BTC) in performance once regulators approve spot ETFs for Ethereum in May of this year. In a research...
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Crypto Drama: Remilia Founder Claims Hacking Amid Ether and NFT Transfers

In the latest crypto saga, the founder of Remilia appears to have fallen prey to a hacking incident, which saw a significant amount of Ether and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) being...
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Solana – Top 5 Cryptocurrency With An Ecosystem To Rival Ethereum’s

Solana emerges as a cutting-edge blockchain platform engineered to deliver rapid, secure, and scalable decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies. Its primary mission is to tackle the scalability challenges that have plagued...
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Ethereum Price Prediction as Dencun Upgrade Successfully Goes Live – Where Next for ETH?

The Ethereum (ETH) price is currently consolidating just below the $4,000 mark, nearing multi-year highs following the successful implementation of the Dencun upgrade. This upgrade promises a substantial boost to...
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Monad Devnet Launches with Scalability Promise – Could it Push Ethereum Technology to New Heights?

Monad, the highly anticipated layer 1 blockchain, officially debuted its developer network (devnet) on March 14, showcasing an impressive throughput of 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) during internal testing. This...
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Ethereum NFT Collection Reactor Motors Scores Movie Deal

A film adaptation inspired by the Ethereum NFT collection, Reactor Motors, is currently in development. Pierre Morel, celebrated for his direction of action-packed blockbusters like “Taken” and “Transporter 2,” has...
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Polygon Developer: Dencun Upgrade Will Hit the Zkevm Testnet in April

In a recent post on March 12, Polygon Labs’ Developer Relations Engineer, Jarrod Watts, expressed his belief that Ethereum’s eagerly awaited Dencun upgrade will bring significant advantages to both the...
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Starknet to Reduce Transaction Fees as Ethereum’s Dencun Hard Fork Takes Place

The Starknet Foundation has announced a fresh initiative aimed at slashing fees, a move set to benefit both users and developers, coinciding with the Ethereum Dencun hard fork. As part...
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Ethereum Price Prediction as ETH Crosses $4,000 Level – New All-Time High Coming?

Ethereum (ETH) has once again surged comfortably above the $4,000 mark, a level not seen since late 2021. As the backbone of one of the most commercially significant blockchains, Ethereum...
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