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Prisma Finance Gains Strong Community Support for Protocol Restart with DAO Approval

Prisma Finance has revealed a plan to gradually resume its operations after experiencing a hack that led to an $11.6 million loss, prompting a temporary halt of the platform on...
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MakerDAO Considers $600 Million DAI Allocation into USDe and sUSDe

MakerDAO is presently assessing a proposition to allocate $600 million in DAI towards USDe and its staked variant, sUSDe. As per a discussion on a community forum by MonetSupply from...
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Gauntlet Ends Risk Management Role with Aave Citing ‘Inconsistent Guidelines’

Gauntlet, an independent risk manager, has ceased its services for Aave. John Morrow, co-founder of Gauntlet, explained in a post on the Aave forum that the decision was prompted by...
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CryptoPunks Top Sales Volume Charts – Top NFT News Today – 23 January

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has experienced a 12.5% increase in the last 24 hours, reaching a total value of $39,251,556. Both buyers and sellers have seen a modest uptick...
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TRAX Crypto News: $2.9M Raised in Decentralized Funding Round

TRAX, a music startup based in London operating in the Web3 space, has successfully secured $2.9 million in decentralized funding through the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain. As per the official...
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1inch DAO Makes DeFi History, Votes To Onboard Legal Counsel

In a groundbreaking development that establishes a model for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), the 1inch DAO, which operates the 1inch Network, has approved a proposal to obtain “legal advisory services”...
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Bored Apes Creator Yuga Labs and Magic Eden Collaborate to Fix NFT Royalties Problem – What’s Going On?

A coalition of prominent Web3 firms, OMA3 (Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3), has established a dedicated team to explore standardization solutions for creator royalties on non-fungible token (NFT) platforms, ensuring...
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Ethereum DeFi Protocol BarnBridge Faces SEC Action and Fines, Opens Token-Holder Voting

The decentralized finance (DeFi) lending initiative, BarnBridge, has publicized a vote for its token holders to determine a response to the legal allegations and potential fines imposed by the US...
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Tornado Cash Developer is in Jail But There Are Hints of a Comeback for the Crypto Mixer Regulators Hate

Alexsey Pertsev, the developer behind Tornado Cash, is still behind bars due to charges related to money laundering stemming from his involvement with the mixing service. However, a recent tweet...
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China Unveils New Crypto Game ‘MetaCene’ to Revive Crypto Gaming Scene

MetaCene, a groundbreaking MMORPG based on blockchain technology, has been under development in China for almost two years with a budget of $5 million, and it’s gearing up for its...
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