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Solana NFT Sales Drop 80%, Bybit’s New Inscriptions Marketplace + More NFT News

Today, the non-fungible token (NFT) market experienced a notable decline.

The total sales volume plummeted by 25.2% within 24 hours, reaching $25,976,386.

Moreover, there was a decrease in buyers by 21.3%, sellers by 12.75%, and transactions by 34.2%.

Among the top 10 collections based on sales volume, Gods Unchained Cards saw the most significant increase, soaring by 11,113% to $747,886.

Conversely, Nobody experienced the most substantial drop, declining by 70% to $2 million.

Additionally, there was a notable shift in blockchain rankings. Despite Ethereum maintaining its top position despite a 30% decline in sales volume, Solana NFTs’ significant downturn temporarily pushed it down to fourth place before reclaiming its usual third place.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin held the second position, with Avalanche following in third place.

In other NFT news today: Solana NFT sales witnessed an 80% decrease, Bybit introduced an integrated Bitcoin and EVM inscription marketplace, Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo collaborated on an NFT collection, and Mutant Cartel unveiled ‘Serum City’.

Solana NFT Sales Drop Over 80%

Today, the Solana network experienced an outage, impacting the price of its native coin, SOL. However, the ramifications extended beyond price fluctuations, affecting the Solana NFT sales volume significantly.

In the last 24 hours, Solana NFT sales volume plummeted by 82.39%, dwindling down to $1,048,282.

Remarkably, Solana is now just marginally ahead of Avalanche, which currently boasts a sales volume of $1,004,907.

Additionally, the number of buyers on Solana decreased by 79%, sellers by 79%, and transactions by 74%.

Moreover, most of the top 10 collections on Solana are experiencing declines. Deez Nuts saw the largest drop, while Taiyo Robotics recorded the highest increase over the past day.

As the network stabilizes, NFT sales are expected to recover swiftly.

Bybit Introduces All-in-One Marketplace for Bitcoin and EVM Inscriptions

Bybit has introduced a new integrated marketplace for inscriptions, supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The Bybit Inscription Marketplace, as per the official statement, allows users to create and exchange BRC-20 tokens and EVM inscriptions across various chains.

Starting February 1, Bybit’s Web3 team has expanded its Inscription Marketplace to include AVAX, Ethereum (IERC-20), Polygon, Fantom, and Mantle.

Additionally, Bybit Web3 has unified liquidity from all inscription marketplaces across both primary and secondary markets, effectively establishing Bybit Web3 as the premier liquidity provider and ecosystem for the inscription economy.

In the next phase, Bybit’s Inscription Marketplace plans to incorporate ARC-20 and BRC-420 Ordinals.

Furthermore, Bybit Web3 has formed a strategic partnership with UniSat, an open-source browser extension wallet for Bitcoin NFTs. This collaboration will enable users and developers to seamlessly access the inscription ecosystem through Bybit Web3, providing a comprehensive one-stop platform.

Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo to Launch NFT Collection

Japan Airlines and Hakuhodo have teamed up to create a collaborative NFT collection. They are set to unveil the second edition of ‘KOKYO NFTs’ (meaning ‘Hometown NFTs’) in February, showcasing six distinct local experiences from various regions across Japan.

This initiative represents a novel approach to tourism, aiming to foster a sense of belonging by offering individuals the opportunity to discover their “second hometown” through KOKYO NFTs.

According to the official announcement, the focus of this second release is to elevate unique regional crafts and experiences, often overlooked on a global scale, into tangible assets by transforming them into NFTs. This enables broader dissemination and appreciation of these cultural treasures.

The six types of “KOKYO NFTs” will be available for purchase on the Polygon-powered Astar zkEVM platform. They include: Fireworks Cruise (Hokkaido), Premium Sake Uka (Ibaraki), Japanese Knife (Fukui), Samurai Family (Fukuoka), Space Art (Kagoshima/Tanegashima), and Kokuto Shochu (Kahoshima/Amami).

Prices for these NFTs will range from ¥36,300 to ¥440,000, depending on the type.

Furthermore, KOKYO NFTs are transferrable and can be traded on Rarible.

The Origami NFT Campaign kicked off on February 5th, enabling users to mint complimentary Origami NFTs, participate in weekly challenges, advance in constructing their origami crane, and secure a spot on the KOKYO NFT Allowlist.

The public sale of the Premium Sake NFT – uka- is scheduled to commence in March, with the presale starting on March 24th and the public sale on March 26th. On April 1st, exclusive activities will be offered to KOKYO NFT holders.

Mutant Cartel Launches ‘Serum City’ Game

Serum City, a game featuring the beloved NFT apes from Yuga Labs, is now accessible for pass holders.

A Serum City pass serves as an on-chain access key, granting entry to Serum City, as detailed on the FAQ page. Passes are available for claim by holders of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Hound, and Mutant Cartel Oath.

These passes can be claimed at no cost, though fees may apply.

Moreover, users have the opportunity to unlock three distinct types of Serum City Passes, depending on the type of NFT used to claim them: Hound Castle for Mutant Hounds holders, Oath HQ for Mutant Cartel Oath holders, and Ape Club House for Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders.

Each pass type provides the holder with a unique base within the game, determining the crafting capabilities of players, as outlined on the website.

Additionally, the Pass Claim feature will remain open indefinitely.

In related news, Mutant Cartel founders Novel Labs and game developer Faraway announced the game’s launch last April, with the official launch occurring this month.

Furthermore, Season 1 offers players the opportunity to acquire “the rarest dynamic NFT traits” and NFT car parts for use in Season 2’s Apecoin Prize Pool.

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