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Perpetual Protocol (PERP) and BadgerDAO (BADGER) Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

Perpetual Protocol and BadgerDAO prices are hot. PERP/USDT is up double digits, and BADGER/USDT may motor above $10 as buyers take charge.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP)

The swapping platform depends on the PERP token for governance and as a utility.

This project is unique because of the virtual AMM (vAMM), which ensures trustless token exchange without the need for liquidity providers.

Past Performance of PERP

PERP prices are rebounding, reversing from 2021 lows with decent participation levels.

Of note, the token is now retesting primary resistance, now support at around $5.75.

Buyers appear in control though losses of June 21 haven’t been satisfactorily reversed.

At the time of writing, PERP is up 14 percent against the USD.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

Technically, PERP/USDT prices are within a bear breakout pattern, bouncing from 2021 lows.

This favors bulls and rejuvenates activity considering price slumps of the better part of June and May 2021.

PERP may reclaim $6 if there is a follow-through of yesterday’s gains.

PERP/USDT Technical Analysis

PERP may anchor on June 29 gains to print higher in upcoming sessions.

$5.75 is the immediate resistance line, marking April lows.

As the crypto market recovers, PERP traders may find loading opportunities in lower time frames, targeting $5.75 and $15. Losses below $3.5 cancel the uptrend.


Audited by Zokyo, BadgerDAO aims to bring Bitcoin to DeFi. BADGER is the protocol’s governance token.

Past Performance of BADGER

BADGER prices are bottoming up after the deep downtrend of May and June 2021.

At spot rates—and spurred by the broader market confidence, BADGER buyers appear to be in control.

However, the middle BB holds firm at the time of writing.

Even so, BADGER is stable, adding just four percent on the last trading day.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

Crypto traders are banking on Bitcoin’s recovery for lift-off as the market tide rises.

BADGER stands to gain from the upswing, reading from price action in the daily chart.

The 20-day moving average is the primary sell line that may define the new price trajectory if buyers overcome it.

BADGER/USDT Technical Analysis

Unlike previous cycles, BADGER is printing higher with rising trading volumes.

A confirmation and close above $10 may be the basis for the next upthrust towards $24.

Bearing this in mind, aggressive BADGER traders may load the dips.

On the reverse side, if prices crumble below $7.5, BADGER may sink to $3.



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