Migration to the Graph's (GRT) Mainnet Begins; UMA, DODO, Audius, Among the First 10 Subgraphs - Crypto News

Migration to the Graph’s (GRT) Mainnet Begins; UMA, DODO, Audius, Among the First 10 Subgraphs

Four months after mainnet launch, the protocol’s first ten subgraphs are now migrating to the primary decentralized network, the Graph Foundation announced on Apr 27.

The First 10 Subgraph Migrating

The projects planning to migrate their subgraphs to the mainnet are from DeFi, NFTs and Entertainment, and Video.

They include Audius, DODO, Enzyme, Gnosis, Livepeer, mStable, Opyn, PoolTogether, Reflexer, and UMA.

At the moment, there is a massive demand for DeFi data as exchanges, asset management service providers, and synthetic assets jostle to extract data from hosted applications.

On the other hand, the inquiries of NFT data are accelerating as sub-sets also expand.

New user cases around NFTs continue to be discovered every day. Projects, especially in entertainment, have shown their intention of merging their operations with interesting aspects presented by NFTs.

On this end, the Graph Protocol will use subgraphs hosted by the Audius NFTs project.

Aligned Objectives in Building Web3

According to the foundation, the vision of each partnering project is aligned with theirs. In this regard, they are dedicated to the achievement of Web3, where decentralization and serverless applications are overarching objectives.

Besides, partnering projects remains open-source with demonstrated query pattern that makes them “great candidates” for the first phase of the mainnet migration.

The Graph Protocol plans to build what would arguably be the first global and easily searchable index of blockchain data.

Through the platform, dApp developers of any network can sift through publicly available blockchain data and access whatever information or set of data they need for their projects.

Most importantly, the mainnet would shift away from the dangerous over-reliance of proprietary infrastructure and centralized servers.

Underpinning the Graph Protocol would be a series of publicly accessible and open subgraphs.

The Graph is Growing

Presently, the network comprises indexers, subgraph developers, curators, and delegators.

As of April, there were over 170 indexers—or node operators–and 6,500 delegators—whose work is to secure the network by delegating stake to indexers– on board.

From this, over $4.3 billion of GRT remain under management from delegators and indexers.

Earlier, BTCManager reported the protocol plans of integrating more blockchains, including the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Cosmos.



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