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Futureverse Raises $54 Million to Advance AI and Metaverse Integration

Futureverse, a firm specializing in AI and metaverse technologies, has secured $54 million in investment to further its vision of integrating AI within the metaverse.

10T Holdings spearheaded this funding round, with notable contributions from Ripple. This financial boost will empower Futureverse to create unique AI-driven content creation tools, enhancing musical elements, items, characters, and animations in the upcoming metaverse.

In its quest to forge pioneering metaverse platforms, games, and user experiences, Futureverse collaborates closely with Ripple. This partnership taps into the Root Network and an array of associated protocols.

Moreover, by integrating with Ripple’s XRPL, it facilitates the use of XRP as a fuel token while adhering to the XLS-20 NFT guidelines.

Backed by prominent supporters such as 10T and Ripple, Futureverse is set on bringing the metaverse to life, making it a tangible and inclusive space for all.

The fresh capital that Futureverse has amassed will be channeled into refining their expansive technological offerings, with a keen emphasis on elevating the Futureverse Platform and its cutting-edge tools and solutions.

Moreover, with ambitions of leading the AI gaming frontier, Futureverse has already taken significant strides. They have teamed up with FIFA to unveil the AI-centric consumer game titled ‘AI League’. Additionally, in collaboration with Muhammad Ali Enterprises, they have launched the AI-driven boxing game named “Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends.”

Futureverse: Pioneering an Open and Scalable Metaverse Infrastructure

Guided by metaverse trailblazer Aaron McDonald, seasoned investor/operator Shara Senderoff, cybersecurity guru Marco Brondani, and astute business operator Dan Gillespie, Futureverse is set on carving a prominent niche in the metaverse sector.

Their fundamental vision revolves around crafting an open, adaptable, and inter-operable framework that enables developers and users to interact with content and applications in the metaverse that were previously out of reach.

Both McDonald and Senderoff are fervently optimistic about the transformative capacity of the metaverse in reshaping how humans connect and collaborate across diverse areas.

“The metaverse holds the promise to redefine how we connect and collaborate across multiple sectors. But to truly tap into this transformative potential, it’s imperative that we have an open, scalable, and seamlessly inter-operable infrastructure in place,” stated McDonald and Senderoff, the driving forces behind Futureverse.

With backing from significant partners like 10T and Ripple, Futureverse is further galvanized in its mission to morph the metaverse into a palpable and engaging realm.

Their collaborations with esteemed entities like Cool Cats, FIFA, and Mastercard have not only enabled them to weave iconic brands into their tapestry but also to broaden their spectrum of offerings.

This Series A fundraising underscores the company’s escalating trajectory. Concurrently, Dan Tapiero, the helm at 10T, extols the virtues of Futureverse’s comprehensive metaverse platform. It embodies AI technology, infrastructure development, innovative studios, and thriving digital communities, all synergized within one harmonized ecosystem.

Futureverse Expands Metaverse Ecosystem Through Strategic Acquisitions

Originally emerging from a modest consortium of 8 companies in 2022, Futureverse made a tactical leap by taking under its wing 11 firms focused on metaverse infrastructure and content.

This acquisition-driven strategy is geared towards enhancing Futureverse’s footing in the metaverse arena and reinforcing its capacity to offer foundational elements for a wide range of metaverse applications.

By seamlessly blending these newly acquired entities into a singular ecosystem, Futureverse aims to cultivate a dynamic metaverse community, animated by the allure of digital collectibles.

Boasting a devoted international team of roughly 250 professionals, Futureverse is committed to building state-of-the-art infrastructure, tools, and immersive experiences within the metaverse.

This conglomerate encompasses companies like Altered State Machine, Non-Fungible Labs, Sylo, Centrapay, Centrapass, Immersve, Shadows Interactive, Altered Phoenix, ATEM Car Club, Centrality, and DRx.

Each of these entities contributes its distinct specialty, ranging from AI protocols, innovative and technical studios, and decentralized communication platforms to digital asset transactions, decentralized identification, game development, augmented fashion, among other expertise.

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