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Explosion of New Projects Coming to Cardano, Several Crypto Assets Posed for Major Gains: Lark Davis

Popular crypto trader Lark Davis believes a number of compelling crypto narratives will provide early investors with sizable gains this cycle.

He expects the buzz around new smart contract platforms to grow, and argues that the arrival of smart contracts on Cardano will lead to a boom of new projects that could reward investors with impressive gains.

“The smart contracts are coming to the mainnet for Cardano likely in August, assuming that there’s no delays with the road map.

So we’re about to see this just explosion of new projects coming to Cardano.”

The analyst says he’s also expecting big things from Solana (SOL).

“While the Solana asset itself has been very bullish recently, it’s not what’s going to give you the biggest gains.

…smart investors are already starting to look beyond the primary Solana asset and into the Solana ecosystem.”

Scalable blockchain network Elrond (EGLD) is also on Davis’ radar going into the remainder of the year. The YouTuber explains that he’s bullish on Elrond due to an upcoming airdrop the team plans to execute of its decentralized exchange token Maiar (MEX) and the release of its fundraising mechanism (launchpad) on the blockchain.

“There are two very big things going on right now that make me very very bullish about what Elrond is doing.

The first is the Maiar exchange. So this is being airdropped out, 100% of the tokens are being airdropped out to Elrond token holders. The other big thing to be excited about is the upcoming Elrond launch pad.”

Per Davis, the Elrond launchpad will introduce “a whole new wave of tokens to the Elrond universe.”

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique digital assets that can represent digital art, land, tickets and more, are the other trend that the YouTuber expects to continue to prove lucrative for investors.

“…the final trend that I see which will make big returns for investors… NFTs. I don’t think NFTs have even scratched the freaking surface of what is possible for this technology… This is digital ownership on steroids.”

Davis highlights that NFTs specifically offer great value proposition within the gaming world, wherein virtual assets are often bought, traded and sold, and in the sports realm, where digital cards and other collectors items are highly popular.



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