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Doodles and G-shock Join in an NFT Collab + More Top 10 News

In the last 24 hours, the non-fungible token (NFT) market has witnessed a slight dip in sales volume, amounting to just under 2%, settling at $35,310,744. This shift coincides with various noteworthy developments that have captured the NFT news landscape.

The number of buyers has seen a notable 8% increase, while sellers have risen by 3%, and transactions have surged by 9%, as reported by CryptoSlam.

Remarkably, most of the top 10 collections in terms of sales volume have experienced significant gains.

The most substantial leap was observed in the CATS BRC-20 NFTs collection, which skyrocketed by an astonishing 4,876% within a single day, propelling it to the 10th position with a total value of $582,800.

Turning our attention to Bitcoin-based NFTs, the Uncategorized Ordinals have taken the lead, boasting a sales volume of $2.77 million, marking an impressive 98% increase.

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin finds itself in close proximity to Ethereum today, with Bitcoin’s sales volume reaching $10,778,162, while Ethereum’s stands at $11,127,275.

As Bitcoin narrows the gap between itself and the reigning champion, Ethereum, it also further extends its lead over Solana. This ongoing competition for the second-place spot has been a topic of interest, but presently, Solana lags behind significantly, with a sales volume of $5,772,470, nearly half that of Bitcoin.

In the world of NFT news today, several noteworthy developments have emerged. Doodles has formed a partnership with the luxury watch brand G-shock, Art Blocks has made an acquisition by securing the Sansa marketplace, and the card-battling sci-fi game Parallel is approaching its open beta launch.

Doodles and G-shock Join in an NFT Collab

In the latest NFT news, the digital asset firm Doodles has joined forces with the luxury watch brand G-shock to introduce an NFT-inspired watch collection.

Notably, Doodles is the creative force behind the popular NFT collection bearing the same name.

This exciting collaboration is set to launch in the near future, as announced by the team in a Twitter post, which was also shared by G-shock.

The partnership aims to unveil both physical and digital NFT collections in the upcoming week. However, specific details regarding the project have yet to be disclosed.

Doodles represents an Ethereum-based collection comprising 10,000 NFTs, each characterized by numerous visual traits. The hand-drawn Doodles encompass a diverse range of elements, including skellys, cats, aliens, apes, mascots, and an array of rare heads, costumes, and color palettes, as described on the website.

Furthermore, the team has introduced Space Doodles, described as “spaceships for your Doodle.” Each Original Doodle comes with a complimentary ship, capable of venturing into space and syncing with its pilot, establishing unique attributes such as “bladder management,” “piloting ability,” and more.

As of now, the Doodles collection has surged by 25% in the past 24 hours, reaching a total value of $423,746, according to CryptoSlam. Over the past week, the volume has soared by an impressive 204%, reaching $7,108,330.

Currently, the lowest price for an Original Doodle on OpenSea is 2.1199 ETH ($4,900), while the highest stands at 888 ETH ($2 million). For a Space Doodle, the floor price is 8.5 ETH ($19,644), with the highest priced at 25 ETH ($57,775).

Art Blocks Acquires the Sansa Marketplace

The generative digital arts platform Art Blocks has recently made an announcement regarding its acquisition of the NFT marketplace known as Sansa.

The collective aim of this acquisition is to establish a tailored platform for generative content, offering an enhanced environment for creators while showcasing the diversity of generative projects.

As per the blog post, Sansa brings several valuable attributes to the table, including simplified artwork discovery, the provision of creator royalties with every sale, and an exclusive focus on digital art collections.

It’s important to note that Sansa will continue to operate as a separate application in the near term. However, behind-the-scenes efforts are underway to seamlessly integrate both platforms, ensuring a unified and coherent user experience.

The specific details of the acquisition have not been disclosed at this time.

Erick ‘Snowfro’ Calderon, the Founder and CEO of Art Blocks, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, noting that “building in web3 is hard, and seeing a nimble team be able to build something so aligned with what I am excited about felt like a no-brainer in exploring the opportunity to work together.”

Parallel Inching Closer to Open Beta

The card-battling sci-fi game, Parallel, is edging closer to its open beta launch.

Parallel is a science fiction-themed franchise and trading card game that grants ownership of cards and other in-game items to its players. These cards can then be utilized to construct decks and partake in online PC battles.

While the game is presently in the closed beta phase, a recent tweet suggests that the release to the broader public is imminent. According to the FAQ section, the official release is scheduled for 2024.

The development team shared, “More to come on Open Beta soon,” as part of their latest season launch announcement.

“Season 1: Vault Keeper” has introduced two new playable cards: the character Ilana, Keeper of the Vault, and the universal legendary card Astel’s Glaive.

The website has promised that each subsequent season will bring fresh cards and exclusive cosmetics available through the Battle Pass.

Additionally, the blog post unveiled a variety of improvements and bug fixes aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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