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Dexlab to Launch $1.44 Million Gateway and Token Launchpad for Solana

Decentralized exchange Dexlab has completed private funding for Solana with the help of $1.44 million in grants. Dexlab will now build the gateway and launch tokens on the platform. 

Founder Dennis Lee thanked all those who supported Dexlab in investing and also spoke about the potential of Solana. As a reminder, Dexlab is also the developer of Minting Lab, a platform for managing, releasing and deploying smart contracts.

In this context, Lee expressed confidence that Minting Lab would serve as a starting point for exploring the many possibilities of token issuance. As conceived by the creators, Dexlab inherently addresses the Asian region, where there are certain problems in this niche.

According to them, the steps taken will be able to make financial services in the world stable and secure. One of Dexlab’s main goals is also to enable developers to create new DeFi projects through their own durable tokens. They express confidence that this will lead to stronger network effects and stimulate developer capabilities.

Dexlab will offer its customers a primitive interaction with the Solana CLI. The main advantage of this is an intuitive graphical interface with beautiful UX / UI design. Thanks to this, users will be able to perform all kinds of transactions with SPL and NFT tokens in a single click.

The exchange itself in funding was supported by investment firms such as Parataxis Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, CMS and NGC Ventures. It should also be noted that investors in this startup will also provide educational services in this area. Among them are business development, treasury, problem solving and financial management improvements.



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