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DeGods NFT Project Ditches ‘Stupid’ Roadmaps, Embraces ‘Early Facebook’ Vibes for Next Moves

DeLabs, the brains behind the PFP NFT projects DeGods and Yoots, has debuted a fresh website in anticipation of the forthcoming launch of DeGods Season III and the yoots2 feature expansion set for July 2023.

The enigmatic website seems to take cues from the initial days of Facebook. Rohun Frank Vora, the mastermind of DeLabs, referred to the site as “performance art.”

Choosing to stray from the traditional written roadmap style, which they deem as overly complex, the website straightforwardly states, “Roadmaps are stupid.”

Potential Features of Upcoming DeGods and Yoots NFTs

The unveiling of the website spurred community enthusiasts to dig for hints about concealed features and bonuses (often referred to as Easter eggs), fueling speculation about what might be in store for NFT holders in the impending releases.

Hints peppered throughout the website indicate that DeLabs might roll out female DeGod avatars in the third season and make tweaks to its gamified DUST token mechanism.

Furthermore, there’s an implication of an innovative stance on IP rights for NFT holders, expanding on existing paradigms.

If implemented, these IP rights could empower NFT holders to transition into official licensees of a brand.

In August 2022, DeLabs had released a whitepaper for Yoots, which presented a groundbreaking proposal concerning NFT intellectual property.

Yet, the NFT’s mastermind noted that the whitepaper, conspicuously absent from the Yoots website, merely represents a “rough sketch of the intended strategy.”

This elusive whitepaper elaborated on a prospective copyright-style registration tailored for the Yoots series. In a Twitter Spaces Q&A session, Frank shed light on the intricacies behind the conception of these IP rights.

He revealed that their team had dedicated the preceding seven months in collaboration with DeLabs’ legal associates to craft this innovative intellectual property rights framework.

The Thought Behind DeLab’s New Website

After unveiling the website, during a Twitter Spaces Q&A, Frank touched upon his penchant for resonant branding.

Reflecting on the initial phase of Facebook, he remarked how social media then was purely about fostering connections within one’s circle.

Using the throwback style of Facebook’s nascent stage for the teaser website, Frank articulated his concerns about the internet’s evolving nature. As the internet realm burgeons, he believes the essence of genuine social connections is getting diluted.

While this vast digital expanse creates ample avenues for creators to monetize quality content, Frank emphasizes the paramount importance of retaining the essence of social bonds.

Drawing a connection to the world of NFTs, he remarked, “NFTs can act as a compass, helping you locate your community in this vast digital universe. As someone who practically grew up on the web, finding my tribe has always been a yearning. Our aim is to cultivate that sense of belonging we’ve always craved for, right here.”

Since its inception in 2021 by Frank, the DeGods NFT initiative has fostered a vibrant community, enriched by exclusive in-person gatherings and fortified social ties.

A testament to these gatherings was the beach event orchestrated specifically for DeGods NFT proprietors on July 29th.

Such innovative engagement tactics propelled DeGods to the pinnacle, making it the most coveted NFT venture on the Solana blockchain in 2022. This success subsequently paved the way for DeLabs to roll out their next endeavor, Yoots.

Yet, in a significant shift in January 2023, both DeGods and Yoots decoupled from the Solana blockchain. While DeGods transitioned to the Ethereum mainnet, Yoots anchored itself to Polygon, a scaling solution designed to enhance Ethereum’s throughput.

A notable factor in Yoots’ pivot to Polygon was the substantial $3 million grant they received from Polygon Labs.

At present, market metrics indicate a downward trend for both projects. DeGods NFTs have witnessed a 15.2% dip over the past day, stabilizing at a floor price of 7.469 ETH (equivalent to roughly $14,632) in secondary trades. Similarly, Yoots NFTs are trading at a floor price of 1.45 ETH (around $2,839), marking a decrease of 15.8% in the same timeframe.

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