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Cryptocurrency worth $560K racked up by hackers using Telegram

  • Cryptocurrency hackers have laundered $560k worth of assets from individuals wanting to be hackers
  • In the name of the best hacking cracking tool, the hackers are spreading crypto-stealing malware
  • Currently, the hackers are holding around more than cryptocurrency address which they have replaced with the victim’s wallets

Cryptocurrency worth $5,60,000 has been laundered using Telegram channels from wannabe hackers. Hackers are found distributing cryptocurrency-stealing malware, which is fake software being used to steal such currencies. According to Avast, a cybersecurity firm, such malicious actors are using a Telegram channel entitled “Hack Boss” to distribute the fake software. The wannabe hackers think that the software will help them increase the malware’s and end up losing their cryptos.

Cryptocurrency of wannabe hackers are getting hacked

According to the researchers, the Telegram channel of the hackers claims to offer the best software for hackers. Indeed the software published on the channel consists of various bank and social accounts crackers to an assorted cryptocurrency wallet and private key cracking tools. Also, the software claims to allow generating gift codes. 

The researchers stated that although the promoted apps promise to be some hacking cracking tool it is not. Each software consists only of a cryptocurrency stealing malware concealed as a hacking tool. Moreover, no software available on the channel delivers promised behaviour and is all fake.

How is the software being used for hacking cryptos?

According to Avast, it is observed that the software is being sent in a zip file. As the user is extracting the zip, the executable launches a user interface. Later on, the user interface claiming a hacking tool decrypts the malware and installs it in the victim’s system. As the user clicks any button for the tool to function, the malware begins to search for any type of cryptocurrency wallet in the system and replaces the wallets with its own phishing wallet. However, once executed, the malware remains running on the user’s system.

HackBoss have already stolen $560k worth of cryptos

The HackBoss owners are having more than 100 cryptocurrency wallets. Such wallets have been placed in the victim’s system by replacing the original wallet of the users. So far, the researchers are claiming that the evil players have already laundered $5,60,000 from the software users. Indeed, the activity found began in 2018, and the hackers are distributing such tools via different social platforms, but Telegram remained the central distribution zone.



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