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Crypto Startup Arkham Faces Backlash for Doxxing Users and Privacy Breach

Blockchain analysis platform Arkham is facing a significant challenge following the revelation that the company inadvertently exposed its customers’ private information.

The issue revolves around Arkham’s weblink referral program, which allows users to invite others to join the platform by sharing their unique referral URL.

Although these URLs initially appear to be a random sequence of characters, they are, in fact, an easily decipherable representation of the user’s email address encoded in Base64.

Consequently, individuals who have shared their Arkham link may have unknowingly jeopardized their anonymity or, at the very least, exposed their email address to potential risks.

Prominent privacy advocate and long-standing member of the crypto community, m4gicpotato, shed light on this alarming discovery. Known by various aliases since 2017, m4gicpotato took to Twitter to share their findings, which rapidly gained widespread attention.

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