Charles Hoskinson Thoughts on Mcafee Death: There's No Doubt In My Mind That Mcafee Had Demons That He Couldn't Resolve - Crypto News

Charles Hoskinson Thoughts on Mcafee Death: There’s No Doubt In My Mind That Mcafee Had Demons That He Couldn’t Resolve

Cardano Pioneer expressed his thoughts and emotions on Jhon Mcafee death in his latest video.

Summary Of Charles Hoskinson Thoughts on Jhon Death:

“I just got the news from El mundo which is a large newspaper over in spain and it looks like Reuters is starting to confirm it that today john mcafee killed himself.

Mcafee is one of the most enigmatic and interesting people in the cryptocurrency space and in the history of computing.

He was 75 years old and Mcafee was a pioneer in the early days for antivirus software. which is where many people know his name mcafee antivirus still floats around.

At this point he was also a deeply troubled person his father killed himself when i think mcafee was about 15 years old, there was numerous issues with substance abuse and alcohol and he lived an incredibly colorful life.

After he sold his company he went into a variety of lifestyle businesses from running around the jungles of belize looking for alternatives to antibiotics,  fighting with the government, many girlfriends, he was a character unto himself.

When he decided to change industries and enter our industry (Crypto) it was a really unique moment where he had an opportunity to reinvent himself in a new way as this industry tends to do for people.

Unfortunately his demons got the best of him and instead of building businesses he made the decision to let his vices and desire overcome him and he got involved in all kinds of things such as advertising icos or tokens pay-to-play type of things.

I personally met john Mcafee i met him in Malta years ago at a conference people deeply engaged with him and he had a huge personality.

The nature of suicide is still yet not completely confirmed but it looks like it’s the case, because one of the largest newspapers in Spain and US media is starting to already say that it happened. USD department of justice has also confirmed the death. 

The reasons for the suicide seemed self-evident. Mcafee was 75 years old and the extradition to the US was approved. He was looking at over 30 years in jail if convicted, so it seems that he decided to choose ending his life.

A lot of people who have these crazy annex are deeply complicated and hurt in some way and mental health is just as important as physical health and a proper balance of these things is often underappreciated when one is an entrepreneur.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Mcafee had demons that he couldn’t resolve, however for every Mcafee that we know there are dozens that we don’t know and every time an event like this happens it’s an opportunity for us to reflect on that reality and understand that society needs to be more accommodating and society needs to be a bit better at intervening and helping those who need that help.

Macfee story has come to an end, so the burden is upon us now to find meaning in it and the burden is upon us now to figure out a way to move forward and hopefully gain some wisdom.

Rest in peace john, we’ll miss you and i’ll miss you.“

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