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Cats Against Dogs: Interview With CEO Of CATGE

Cryptocurrency continues its wild race, stably heading in the direction of recovery since the May crash. While it’s hard to say when the greatest of cryptocurrencies will regain their former splendor (Bitcoin was priced at the highest of $63K earlier in April, down to almost $44K now), one thing remains clear – cryptocurrency has made a large step forward in its standing. From the ban on cryptocurrency activities in China, preceding the launch of the central bank’s first in the world digital currency, it is recognizable that crypto finally gains some tangible application and recognition in the real-world economy. And, although the cryptocurrency bubble still remains a point of talks, the speculation will become less and less once more reliable projects start taking ground.

With Dogecoin going viral earlier this year, not least due to comments of notorious tech mogul Elon Musk, there has come a time to bring on the market another meme-coin that will disrupt the internet. This time, the focus is on cat, though: CATGE is another meme coin bringing the promise of popularizing cryptocurrency while backing up real-world value. Away from token manipulation, CATGE backs up the Startup Token Launchpad exchange and develops a strong ecosystem allowing investors to exchange crypto on printed papers – just like cash bills. Moreover, NFT is another value-generating mechanism on the platform: with that, the platform is planning to launch a Pokemon-style card game where CATGE will have to contest the DOGE characters. Eventually, the CATGE project is after integrity, and stands up against manipulation by introducing a decentralized community-driven asset based on open source. They promise to disrupt the internet with soon-to-become famous cats.                   

First things first: could you tell us more about the core value-generating proposition of your token?

Despite being a coin with a funny-cute name, CATGE has a very ambitious mission: to bring Decentralized Finance into everybody’s hands.

De-fi is no joke, many newspapers with high authority outside the crypto world, like The Economist or The New York Times have been talking about it as a potential ground-breaker for the worldwide economy.

Yet, there is still a fundamental piece missing to complete the puzzle: DeFi is not user-friendly yet, and it’s only used by a small niche.
If the DeFi will break the grounds of the modern economy, CATGE will break the grounds of the DeFi thanks to its Crypto Cash Printer Machine.

Our Cash Printer Machine is an app that will be launched soon that will let users withdraw their tokens, staking contracts, farming contracts etc. into real paper bills to be traded in the offline world.

This is the easiest way to put cryptos and staking contracts (the modern bonds) in the hands of people that have never even used the internet.

What are the aspects CATGE project stands out when compared to Dogecoin? And vice versa?

While Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency with their own blockchain, and a meme-coin. Dogecoin was born partly as a joke and partly to build a faster and more reliable protocol than Bitcoin.

CATGE doesn’t have its own blockchain yet, it is a token meant to be the utility token for an array of projects revolving around its mission to bring DeFi into everybody’s hands.

Despite both being meme-coins, CATGE and Dogecoin are aiming to have an impact into different fields of the blockchain world. For how much we support Dogecoin to keeping its position as one of the leaders in blockchain protocols, we want CATGE to become his best companion as the DeFi leader.

What is the chain on which CATGE was built, and what made you pick it out from other alternatives?

CATGE is built on the Binance Smart Chain. This gives us access to one of the biggest investor communities in the blockchain world, while at the same time it keeps the usability and the gas fees at a very tolerable level.

What assets are made a part of the Startup Token Launchpad exchange?

The Startup Token Launchpad exchange is aimed to launch tokens backed by real world assets, like Startup Equity, Real estate, Artists, Patents etc.

It will be a platform similar to Binance, where you will be able to trade tokens, but it will also have a section similar to Crunchbase, F6S or Gust, where you will be able to see a profile page for each asset and the exchange page for its related tokens. Startup Token Launchpad will make investments into pre-IPO startups as easy as ever. 

What are the specificities of CATGE NFT platforms, and how can they be redeemed in practice?

The CATGE vs DOGE NFT card game will feature all the CATGE and Doge characters (Catge, Mini Catge, Baby Catge, Super Catge etc.) into common, rare, super rare and unique cards. They can be found in the card packs, you can train them, trade them in the marketplace and you can let them fight against each other in order to conquer points and more cards from your opponent.

What practical uses of CATGE coin can you speak about?

CATGE will be used as a utility token for the CATGE swap exchange, the Startup Token Launchpad exchange, the CATGE vs DOGE nft platform and as one of the main tokens to be traded in the cash printer machine.

You will be able to use CATGE for paying commissions in the STL exchange, to buy cards from the NFT platform, as a stake token and as a farming reward in the CATGE swap and, more important, as a token to be printed in the cash print machine.

What are the key milestones of your roadmap in the future?

We will launch the Cash printer machine and the CATGE swap DEX in October. With the Cash printer machine, heavy offline marketing actions will follow (money rains, promotional bills distributions etc.)

As for the Startup Token Launchpad exchange, we are waiting for our EMS and our security license to be approved, all of them are part of a Venture Capital deal that is being closed in the immediate present.

In the wait for our licenses to go through, we will launch Startup Token Launchpad as a decentralized exchange first, with audited tokens from trusted startups.

The first cards from the card game will be launched by the end of the year and the platform will be ready in the first half of 2021.



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