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Cashio to Launch World’s First Semi-Decentralized Blockchain Casino

Cashio announced the launch of its globe’s first semi-decentralized blockchain casino where its community may benefit from using the Cashio token.

Cashio the Brand-New Crypto on BSC Ecosystem and World’s first Blockchain Casino

Cashio is a new currency in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem with a hitherto unseen use-case.

Furthermore, Cashio is said to be a deflationary Buy-back token that offers benefits to faithful users.

The Cashio team stated in a press release that they are developing special decentralized games to change the Casino and attract all crypto players. 

Furthermore, the team stated that the platform will be the first to establish connections between the gaming and NFT sectors, paving the door for future innovation.

Cashio Token that merges Gaming and Crypto Sectors

To be more specific, Cashio Token said that it merges the gaming and cryptocurrency sectors, allowing investors to hold a portion of casino earnings when the token price climbs due to increasing demand. 

Furthermore, the Casino will pay the remaining earnings to token holders and deposit a large sum into Cashio’s Jackpot contract.

The Jackpot contract, according to the team, will function like a Lotto game, collecting BNB from Casino profits and every purchase or sale charge. 

Following that, the jackpot winner will be chosen based on the tickets sold by users, pushing the price to new highs while rewarding Cashio token holders in the meanwhile.

Furthermore, Cashio has stated that it would create a three-tier structure in which investors will be compensated based on their holdings. 

The liquidity pool will be supported by casino earnings and Cashio token transactions.

Cashio has created a games demo website where users can check their games, earnings dashboard, and prizes.

Know More About the Jackpot Company

Cashio strives to provide investor trust in their investment decision by concentrating on sustainable growth and implementing a reward system for those who are most committed to the Cashio ecosystem.

Cashio also has the SolidProof Certificate for its smart contracts’ AAA security criteria.



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