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Cardano Staking Goes Live on Kraken Exchange

Staking for Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency is now supported on U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, according to a blog post.

  • Users are able to access the staking option inside their Kraken Staking Wallet after it went live at 21:00 UTC on Tuesday.
  • Rewards of 4–6% are being offered to those staking ADA, Kraken said.
  • Payouts are to be delivered on a regular weekly basis and are currently available for Starter, Intermediate and Pro account tiers.
  • Cardano is built with a proof-of-stake mechanism providing developers with the ability to operate smart contracts and run decentralized applications.
  • Staking in ADA helps power the network by allowing users to vote on changes to how the network is managed and executed.
  • ADA’s addition brings the exchange’s staking offerings to seven, including Ethereum 2, Polkadot and Flow, among others.

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