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Bybit Provides NFT Ticket Marketplace for Robbie Williams’ Virtual Concert + More Top NFT News

The NFT market has started the month on a positive note, with favorable developments dominating NFT-related news.

The total sales volume has surged by nearly 11%, reaching a noteworthy $34,925,836.

Both buyers and sellers have increased by 1%, contributing to a substantial 14% rise in transaction numbers.

In terms of specific NFT collections, the top-ranking spot has experienced a change in leadership. Traditionally, Froganas and CryptoPunks have often occupied this position, but Tenjin, a recently launched collection, rapidly ascended to the top spot within a matter of hours, boasting a staggering volume of $1.8 million.

CryptoPunks closely follows, exhibiting an impressive 937% surge in sales, reaching $1.68 million.

The only two collections showing a decline today are Uncategorized Ordinals and Froganas, with decreases of -31% and -52%, respectively.

In today’s NFT news highlights: Bybit has been announced as the Official NFT marketplace partner for Robbie Williams’ 25th anniversary concert, Ronin’s sales volume has witnessed a remarkable 300% increase in just one day, and has emerged as a dominant player in the inscription token market.

Bybit Provides NFT Ticket Marketplace for Robbie Williams’ 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert

A cryptocurrency exchange has entered into a collaboration with Hape2.0-LightCycle, the official partner of Robbie Williams’ 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert.

As per the NFT news circulating in press releases, Bybit Web3 has been designated as the Official NFT Marketplace Partner for the upcoming virtual concert titled “Robbie Williams Beyond Reality in LightCycle – A Virtual Music Experience.”

This means that the exchange will serve as the official NFT marketplace for the sale of tickets and collectibles related to the virtual live show.

The press release emphasized that this show, featuring the iconic Robbie Williams in the Metaverse, is poised to become the most historic concert of 2024.

Furthermore, this collaboration is being touted as setting a new industry standard, effectively redefining the relationship between entertainment and blockchain technology.

In light of this partnership, three Web3 innovations have been announced. First, it integrates memorabilia, concert tickets, and metaverse passports into a single platform. The NFT marketplace offers an exclusive avenue for fans to secure tickets for Robbie Williams’ concert.

Additionally, it streamlines the user experience and ensures equitable access for both Web3 and Web2 Robbie Williams fans. Fans can purchase tickets through Bybit NFT Pro and also have the chance to win tickets and autographed concert merchandise through social media giveaways.

Ronin’s Sales Volume Jumps 300% in a Day

The Ethereum-based Ronin network currently leads the pack as the top-performing blockchain among the top 10 in NFT sales volume.

Ronin has witnessed an astounding increase of 288%, securing the tenth position with a total volume of $371,097. Following closely behind, Arbitrum takes the second spot with a noteworthy 105% growth, reaching a volume of $529,683.

Ethereum maintains its stronghold at the top, boasting a staggering $14.4 million in sales volume. Bitcoin and Solana, however, have experienced declines in their respective positions.

Ronin stands out as an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain designed specifically for game developers aiming to create ecosystems with player-owned economies. Sky Mavis, the company responsible for the widely popular play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity, is also the driving force behind the Ronin blockchain.

Ronin recently announced a significant update to its official wallet, set to be rolled out gradually over a period of fourteen days.

Of note, on Tuesday, Sky Mavis launched the seventh competitive in-game season within Axie Infinity Origins, aptly named ‘Epic Era,’ Season 7. The blog post mentioned enticing rewards, with “18,900 AXS and 13,732,070 SLP on the line this Epic Era! That’s double the rewards from Rare Era.”

Following this exciting development, an Axie was sold for a remarkable 105 ETH ($245,843) on Wednesday. as Dominant Player in Inscriptions Market: Averages 30% of Exchange Token Share, a cryptocurrency exchange, has declared its dominant position within the Inscription token market, as per a recent press release.

The press release stated that among the 31 popular Inscription assets listed by, the exchange has consistently maintained an impressive 44% share of the total daily trading volume and a significant 33% share of the tokens held on various exchanges. There have been occasions where’s share even reached as high as 92%. has achieved over a 10% share in exchange tokens for 27 of the listed Inscription tokens, and a remarkable 30% share for 14 of them.

Additionally, the exchange has secured prominent positions in the CoinMarketCap (CMC) exchange volume rankings for 23 out of the 31 (74%) tokens it has listed.

This newfound strength in the Inscription market is attributed to’s support for multiple chains and protocols, catering to both users and project creators within the Inscription ecosystem.

In addition to these achievements, has recently announced the launch of its Inscription Launchpad, Navigation, and Market, providing comprehensive support for Inscriptions across various protocols and popular blockchain networks.

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