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Bitcoin Price Prediction as Trading Volume Falls to $5 Billion in 24 Hours – Here’s Why

In the constantly evolving and unpredictable world of cryptocurrency, the recent performance of Bitcoin, the premier digital currency, is being closely examined.

Currently priced at 29,890, Bitcoin saw a minor dip of nearly 0.25% this past Sunday.

What has caught significant attention, however, is the noticeable plunge in its trading volume, which has now descended to $5 billion over a 24-hour period.

In this analysis of Bitcoin’s future price, we will delve into the factors that may be causing this reduced trading volume and what it could mean for future price predictions of Bitcoin.

Moreover, the acceptance by a UK court of Craig Wright’s appeal in the Bitcoin rights controversy, along with the forthcoming halving event, further complicates the current state of Bitcoin’s market.

UK Court Accepts Craig Wright’s Appeal in the Bitcoin Rights Dispute

On July 20, a UK court rendered a critical verdict by endorsing an appeal that permits Craig Wright to continue his assertion that the Bitcoin file format qualifies for copyright protection.

Craig Wright has been proclaiming since 2016 that he is the creator of Bitcoin. His allegations include copyright infringement on the Bitcoin white paper, its file format, and database rights associated with the Bitcoin blockchain, all of which are mentioned in his complaint.

The defendants in this lawsuit encompass 13 Bitcoin Core developers and several companies, including Blockstream, Coinbase, and Block.

The court’s decision to allow Wright’s claims to be presented has generated apprehension, not just within the cryptocurrency community, but globally as well.

The Bitcoin Law Defense Foundation (BLDF) voiced its concerns about the situation, cautioning that it could establish a perilous precedent for open-source software development.

As per the BLDF, permitting developers to be sued for altering the file format of open-source software based on another individual’s copyright claim threatens the principles of collective development and innovation within the tech industry.

Nonetheless, the likelihood of such legal confrontations has led to uncertainty and pessimistic sentiment within the crypto community, impacting Bitcoin’s market behavior and exerting downward pressure on its value.

Bitcoin’s Declining Prices Amidst Anticipation of Halving Event

The dwindling prices of BTC can be associated with the impending block reward halving event, set to take place in less than 280 days.

During this fourth reward halving occasion, the block subsidy on the Bitcoin network will decrease from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

Reward halving events transpire roughly every four years and are designed to cultivate scarcity in Bitcoin by reducing the quantity of Bitcoins newly issued to miners by half.

As a deflationary asset with a finite total supply of 21 million Bitcoins, this limited availability contributes significantly to its value.

This halving event presents several consequences for both miners and the network at large.

With diminished block rewards, certain miners may find their operations less profitable, or even unprofitable, potentially leading to a decline in network security and stability as miners might abandon the network.

To ensure network security and maintain revenue, miners may favor transactions with higher fees as demand for transactions grows and Bitcoin becomes more widely adopted.

Nonetheless, a fine balance exists because excessively high transaction fees could discourage everyday users, hindering Bitcoin’s adoption as a means of exchange.

The expectations and conjecture surrounding the halving event also influence market sentiment and prices.

As investors and market participants predict the halving’s impact on Bitcoin’s price, it can generate increased scrutiny and put pressure on miners.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

As of Sunday, Bitcoin is showing a relative absence of volatility, leading to inconsistent shifts within its trading bracket.

On the daily scale, Bitcoin is undergoing a consolidation period, constrained within a limited span. Resistance can be observed at about $31,400, with support situated around $29,600.

A significant element to monitor is whether Bitcoin can secure a definitive closure above the $29,600 mark, as this could potentially initiate an upward trend for the cryptocurrency.

If there is a distinct breach below $29,600, Bitcoin could find support around $28,450, and potentially even lower towards $27,450.

For an upward shift, breaking past the $31,350 mark would pave the way for the next critical target at approximately $32,500.

Considering these price levels, it becomes crucial to pay close attention to the $29,600 mark as a crucial pivot for today’s trading activities.

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