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Animoca Brands Subsidiary to Launch Unique Bitcoin Metaverse Token

Animoca Brands, a leading figure in the crypto gaming and metaverse investment realm, has unveiled its intentions to introduce a metaverse ecosystem token on the Bitcoin (BTC) network.

A fresh press release from the firm states that the token will be cultivated using the Ordinals protocol, a brainchild of Darewise Entertainment, an offshoot of Animoca Brands.

Darewise Entertainment, alternatively recognized as Life Beyond Studios, is set on crafting a metaverse ecosystem anchored on Bitcoin Ordinals.

This specific protocol empowers users to log assets reminiscent of NFTs on the blockchain and to forge BRC-20 tokens directly within the Bitcoin framework.

The studio envisions a metaverse filled with captivating gaming adventures, brand collaborations, tangible world linkages, and beyond.

Their soon-to-launch game, “Life Beyond,” will be among the pioneering games to embrace the freshly rolled-out Bitcoin-centric metaverse token for in-game properties and digital terrains.

Though “Life Beyond” has in the past launched gaming NFTs on the Polygon scaling platform, this endeavor signifies its inaugural dive into the Bitcoin landscape.

Within “Life Beyond,” this token is set to act as the dominant currency, streamlining transactions related to in-game items and digital plots of land.

“As the Ordinals protocol emerges, we’re seeing a defining juncture for Bitcoin as it broadens its horizon and integrates cultural dimensions,” remarked Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands.

He continued, “Top-tier gaming plays a crucial role in achieving widespread acceptance, and we’re ecstatic that our premier studio, Darewise Entertainment, is harnessing this yet-to-be-explored potential in collaboration with Horizen Labs, a trailblazer and authority in its domain.”

Adding to the conversation, Benjamin Charbit, the CEO of Darewise Entertainment, accentuated the importance of proactively forging and delving into fresh avenues for Bitcoin Ordinals.

Darewise Entertainment to Collaborate with Horizen Labs

In a joint effort to realize the Bitcoin token, Darewise Entertainment is partnering with Horizen Labs, a firm recognized for its prowess in crafting smart contracts and devising token strategies.

In the past, Horizen Labs played a part in shaping ApeCoin (APE), an Ethereum-driven token linked with the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT venture.

Darewise Entertainment will benefit from technical guidance and consultancy from Horizen Labs, tapping into their profound knowledge of zero-knowledge cryptography.

Robert Viglione, the CEO of Horizen Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We eagerly anticipate teaming up with the talented Life Beyond crew and contributing our specialized know-how to this game-changing tech evolution in the sector.”

However, the path forward isn’t devoid of obstacles. The initiative must tackle challenges, including proving the feasibility and expandability of a gaming environment anchored in Bitcoin.

However, Vincent Marty, the Chief Product Officer at Darewise Entertainment, expressed their dedication to exploring Bitcoin’s capabilities within the dynamic digital realm. He assured that upcoming tech innovations will influence not just “Life Beyond” but also global metaverses and games.

Animoca’s recent foray into the NFT sector comes at a time when luxury brands are increasingly leveraging NFTs to authenticate their products.

As highlighted, the Prada Group, which stands as the umbrella entity for Miu Miu, has teamed up with the Aura Blockchain Consortium to roll out blockchain services. This allows their clientele to confirm the genuineness of their acquisitions.

In a parallel move, Panerai, an esteemed Italian luxury watchmaker, has announced its intentions to bundle an NFT-driven “digital passport” with every watch transacted post October 3.

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