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Actor-turned-Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce talks about the king token at Sioux City summit

After retiring from acting at the age of 17, Brock Pierce has grown to become a noteworthy figure within the cryptocurrency space and is currently a bitcoin (BTC) investor. He recently spoke at a round table discussion hosted by Sioux City’s Chamber of Commerce where he talked about the king token among others.  

Bitcoin as digital gold rather than digital currency 

During the said cryptocurrency summit held Monday, he believes that bitcoin is more of a “digital gold” rather than a digital currency adding that it is secure, highly efficient for transaction, and limited in quantity (only 21 million of it). He admitted, however, that despite deeming it “the most democratic form of investing,” the digital currency’s value is extremely volatile. That said, he doesn’t recommend small investors to invest more than $100 in BTC at a time. 

Pierce was of the view that like gold, bitcoin can be a hedge against financial uncertainties. He also highlighted the crypto-literacy of local, state, and national governments as he stated that many states and cities are now vying to become leaders in the cryptocurrency boom. That said, he went on to say that “the future favors the ones willing to take bold actions.”  

Prior to this, he was in Dubai where he attended an “emerging technology summit.” There, he revealed a lot from his personal life, being a bitcoin proponent, to his presidential campaign in 


Never too late in investing in crypto 

When asked if it’s too late for people to invest in cryptocurrencies, he replied that it’s still early adding that it is much bigger than what the majority of the people would perceive. He went on to advise people to forget the price of the currency, the transparency, efficiency, history, and the technology creating a single source of truth as “the value piece of it is what brings people in.” 

Seeks value regardless of wealth 

Speaking of value, he also stated that he generally does seek value regardless of his wealth. Pierce even compared it to an artist giving him an art piece in exchange for the money he’ll be giving as a form of support to the artist’s livelihood so that they can continue with their craft. He explains that he typically does not negotiate on areas like the above-mentioned since he started as an artist. 

Pierce – now 40 years old – is considered by many as an authority in both bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. He’s currently the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation which is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make bitcoin a globally accepted method of exchanging and storing value without third parties. He’s also one of the co-founders of EOS Alliance, Blockchain Capital, Tether,, and Mastercoin. He too is accredited with putting up marketplaces for digital currency. 

As of late, Pierce is living in Puerto Rico alongside his wife, Crystal Rose – who is the founder and chief executive of Make Sense Labs, and their child. For the uninitiated, Pierce has been listed on the first Forbes list of the richest people in cryptocurrency.



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